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Issa Ataya

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Issa Ataya - CEO

Issa Ataya

Issa Ataya, CEO of Alef Group since January 2014.

Issa is an experienced business professional with a proven ability in strategic planning and business development.

As a CEO, Issa sets and leads Alef Group’s overall strategy and revenue growth initiatives. Along with a deep understanding of business operations aspects, including budgeting, forecasting, sales and marketing, and customer relationship management, Issa brings strong organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills that have proved invaluable in dealing with the Group’s suppliers, customers, and staff members.

These included a move to diversify the company’s revenue sources which helped Premier Leisure maintain an overall growth rate of 3 percent between 2008 and 2011 – when the region was reeling from the impact of the global economic downturn – and introducing a new Inventory Management System which led to improved productivity and reduced operating costs.