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Hussein Mohammed

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Hussein Mohammed

Hussain Th Mohammed, Head of Legal Affairs at Alef Group since 2018.

As Head of Legal Affairs, Hussain manages all the legal processes for Alef Group. He guarantees giving accurate and beneficial legal advice, developing successful contracts, and looking into the integrity of the legal procedures by coordinating with legal advisors. Hussain ensures that the legal aspects are investigated and pays attention to details during each stage of the process to match the applicable laws and aims to provide more for his organization.

Hussain is a professional in the field of Law and is well-trained in both Civil and Real Estate Law Systems. He takes into consideration the cultural and business practices to provide better solutions for any legal inquiry.

Prior to joining Alef Group, Hussain was working with a reputable Finance Corporation in Dubai. He played a major role in developing the business and the legal practices for the projects of the company.