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Ahmed Salaheldin

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Ahmed Salaheldin

Ahmed Salaheldin, Head of Business Development at Alef Group since 2019.

Ahmed’s expertise lies in handling and expanding the Local and International Agent Relations & Activations, he leads and trains the telesales teams, plans for promotional venues, and ensures maintaining and operating the leads.

During the start of his journey at Alef group, he succeeded in increasing Alef’s Market Share, while managing and expanding the income streams of Alef Group with a rise of international and diverse buyers.

Being a successful revenue generator with a strong telecommunications background, Ahmed found his way to the world of real estate in 2013.

Prior to Alef Group, Ahmed has built his career in real estate with leading developers in the UAE and gained an expertise in Business Development in the EMEA & Far East Asia region.

His specialty lies in Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Marketing. Ahmed taps into new markets and ensures discovering new and innovative ways to accelerate business is his area of expertise.