Alef Group joins SEF 2024 as a Enable Partner

Alef Group joins SEF 2024 as a Enable Partner

Alef Group has expressed its pride in serving as an Enable Partner for the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, which will be held on February 3 and 4, 2024, and is organised by the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre, “Sheraa’’.

As the leading real estate company in the Emirate of Sharjah, Alef Group offers a modern lifestyle model and unique experiences to enhance luxurious living. The Group also plays a pivotal role in catering to the evolving needs of the new generation of entrepreneurs actively contributing to the development of Sharjah.

Confirming its commitment, Alef Group stated that its support for national festivals aligns with its broader vision. The Group aims to actively participate in the most prominent international events in Sharjah, maintaining institutional and societal interaction while contributing to strengthening collaborative efforts with the Sharjah Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The Group said that the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival constitutes a landmark and a supportive environment for entrepreneurship in the Emirate of Sharjah. It encourages all to embrace entrepreneurship, talent and creativity projects, which enhances international and national efforts to improve the entrepreneurship sector and raise competitiveness at the global level.

The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, an annual gathering, serves as a nexus for entrepreneurs, investors, and changemakers. Themed ‘Our Shared Canvas’ this year, it embodies the transformative power of entrepreneurship to impact lives globally. Organised by Sheraa, a UAE-based incubator dedicated to supporting and empowering emerging entrepreneurs, the festival aims to foster a robust, globally connected ecosystem, positioning Sharjah as a dynamic startup hub.

The Alef Group expressed appreciation for the organisers’ efforts, underscoring its commitment to supporting events that have a tangible positive impact. The Group commended the seamless facilitation of participation in this pioneering festival, which encourages innovation and consolidates the UAE’s position as a global platform for improving the incubating environment for entrepreneurship.