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Sharjah Mosque l A Unique Symbol of Modern Islamic Art

Updated: Feb 18

Home to the hugest library rich in Islamic works!

More than five years in the making, the largest mosque in Sharjah opened its doors in 2019. The Dh300 million building occupies 185,806 square meters with a capacity to accommodate over 25,000 worshippers, with allocated seating for 610 women can be accommodated inside.

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A persisting symbol of faith, the structure is well worth visiting for the chance to view its grandeur; surrounded by gardens and water fountains, the domes, minarets, and columns to reflect a unique Islamic architectural style. The main prayer hall has arched windows with stained glass, walls decorated with verses from the Quran, a large chandelier in the center, and red carpeting. A gift shop, cafeteria, and open areas, in addition to spaces for non-Muslims, are all part of the design.

Home to the hugest library rich in Islamic works, the mosque is also equipped to welcome non-Muslim visitors and lovers of knowledge from all around the world. The collection hall is a unique treasury of books and antiques from different Islamic eras.

Take a walk around on the dedicated rubber track that wraps around the mosque to understand the mosque's architecture and the complex. The mosque has several gates and entrances, including four public gateways, two for women, one for VIPs, and one for buses.

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