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Sharjah Classic Cars Museum

Sharjah Classic Cars Museum is the ideal destination for classic car lovers which was established in 2008. It is a one kind museum in the region with its unique authentic atmosphere that brings back a century of car history.

This museum displayed a large collection of approximately one hundred classic cars dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. It represents the ideal haven for classic car enthusiasts and attracts a large number of tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Sharjah Classic Cars Museum displays a collection of vintage classic cars of different brands, in addition to classic motorcycles and bicycles. The oldest car in the museum dates back to 1915.

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The museum is divided into four sections; each represents a historical stage in the development of the automotive industry. Visitors can learn about the manufacturing and stories of the car industry and other interesting information and exciting details. The museum also organizes exciting interactive activities and experiments for all ages.

Visitors will get the opportunity to discover the museum’s vintage masterpieces, such as Rolls Royce, Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Bentley, and many others and become acquainted with the brilliant maestros behind the manufacturing of these beautiful and glamorous cars, creating a new level of luxury for the world to commute and travel.

Admire the magnificence of the largest collection of classic cars displayed under one roof.

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