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Most Beautiful Parks in Sharjah

Are you curious to visit the most beautiful parks in Sharjah?

Sharjah have many beautiful parks with a pleasant environment. But the question is, how many parks have you visited? To help you decide which to pick for your family, we’ve put together a list of some truly beautiful parks in Sharjah.

1. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Make the best of Sharjah weather with a picnic, barbecue and fun in the sand.

Al Mamzar Beach Park combines two features of the popular places to visit in Sharjah. As a Sharjah park, it boasts expansive fields of swaying palm trees. As a Sharjah beach, it offers sun, sand and sea for adventure and leisure.

Less than two kilometers from Al Mamzar Dubai, the park offers several prime picnic spots, as well as opportunity for water sports with kayaking, snorkeling and jet ski rentals by the beach. These water attractions are extremely popular at the park, making it one of the favored Sharjah tourist places for thrill-seekers. With restaurants dotting the entire park, many people grab snacks along the way or end the day with a hearty meal.

Among night joggers, walkers and cyclists, Al Mamzar Beach Park is also one of the preferred places to visit in Sharjah at night.

2. Al Ittihad Square Park

Head over to the heart of Sharjah City! The park is located between Sharjah’s two iconic landmarks, the King Faisal Mosque and the Sharjah Souk. With stretches of verdant landscapes and meticulously planted date palms, Al Ittihad Square Park in Sharjah is the best place to have a lovely picnic with your family, kids and friends whenever you want for free.

If you are a fitness freak, you can head over to the park for an early morning jog or yoga session. It is also well liked among different barbecue parks in Sharjah.

3. Al Safya Park

Al Safya park is one of the best parks in Sharjah. It is more popular as Al Majz park, and located in Al Majaz area. It is the ideal park for residents living in Al Majaz and Al Khaledia Suburb.

It is beautifully maintained with verdant and manicured landscapes, where all children and adults prefer to visit. Al Safya Park is particularly popular for its basketball court and football field. There is also a dedicated kids’ play area to give the little ones ample space for fun and play.

4. Sharjah National Park

Sharjah National park is the largest in the emirate at more than 600,000 sq.m, located in Al Majaz 3. It is a huge park, where you need to actively walk, run or rent a bike to reach the far corners of this massive park. In addition, there is a small mosque with prayer rooms, a well-equipped kids’ playground with slides and rope ladders, as well as a train for a small charge.

Sharjah National park is the best choice for barbecue gathering. It offers well-spaced barbecue units to ensure your picnics aren’t just limited to pre-packed food and it will never feel too crowded during busy weekends. It is absolutely the most convenient park for visitors.

5. Al Majaz Park

Al Majaz park located in the vibrant heart of Sharjah city, located in Al Majaz Waterfront. Besides its location, Al Majaz park considered as the most popular family park in Sharjah, for manicuring lawns a bunch of family attractions, jogging track for a good morning cardio session. This iconic leisure destination boasts breathtaking landscapes and incredible architectural designs that reflect Sharjah’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Al Majaz park offers kids play areas, a mini splash park, a mini-golf course, and the mesmerizing waterfront fountains featuring stunning scenery overlooking the Khaled Lagoon.

6. Green Belt Ladies Park

The Green Belt Ladies park is a huge park located in Sheikh Majid Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Street, Al Falaj. It is an ideal park for ladies live in Al Falaj, Al Azra and Al Jazzat neighborhood.

Ladies and little boys under 7 years old who have a card to enter Sharjah parks will be allowed inside the Green Belt Ladies park. The reason for the ID cards is to keep away unwanted visitors and to keep the park as friendly as possible.

The park offers free exercise equipment, children’s playgrounds and a jogging track for visitors.

7. Al Fayha Park

Al Fayha park is kid-friendly park located in the heart of the Halwan Suburb, and ideal for residents live in Halwan Suburb and Al Manakh area.

It offers soccer fields and a basketball court where children can play and practice sport. Strategically located, the park provides a relaxed and fresh atmosphere for anyone looking for an outdoor picnic or a simple morning workout.

8. Rolla Square Park

Rolla Square park is a popular attraction and conveniently located for tenants of Rolla area apartments. It offers several kids play areas scattered around the premises.

The square’s design, which is inspired by the region’s authentic heritage, features the traditional architecture.

9. Abu Shagara Park

Abu Shagara park features playgrounds, kids play areas and courts for basketball and volleyball. It has well-equipped restrooms for both men and women, and a small cafeteria for visitors. Abu Shagara park is the best park whether you are looking for a park for jogging, a morning walk, a family picnic or just a meditation session amid the greenery.


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