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Explore the History of The Emirates at Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Sharjah is home to several historical places. One of the most prominent historical sites in the family-friendly emirate is the Sharjah Archaeology Museum.

Embark on a unique journey to experience the history of traditional Emirati life and explore the treasure of ancient artifacts at this museum that offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich and deep-rooted history of Sharjah. The museum sheds light on the lifestyle of the region’s inhabitants from the Stone age up to the rise of Islam through the artifacts, coins, jewelry, pottery, and ancient weapons showcased in the museum.

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Admire an authentic history at the museum that contains all the archaeological artifacts discovered in Sharjah.

Sharjah Archaeological Museum is a well-organized museum where exhibits are categorized based on different historical ages. From Stone Age, featuring artifacts between 5000 BC and 3000 BC, to Great Arabia, features instruments and tools used from 300 BC to 611 AD.

The Stone Age (5000 BC – 3000 BC) section shows the occupants of Sharjah was dated back to the period of the Stone Age. The remains of early hunters, herders, and fisherman are on display in this Sharjah heritage museum.

The Bronze Age (3000 BC – 1300 B.C.) section relives the story of fishermen, hunters, herders who became miners, potters, and smiths. It also displays advanced artifacts and weapons.

The Iron Age (1300- 300 B.C.) section shows the people's engagement in mining and construction underground for irrigation purposes. Traces of stone pots and metal objects were also observed.

Greater Arabia (300 BC – 611 AD) section features a collection of antiquities.

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