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Discover the Rich Biodiversity at Wasit Nature Reserve

Visit the prestigious Aga Khan Award for architecture in 2019 for pioneering an environmental project that transformed a wasteland into thriving ecosystems for indigenous flora and fauna.

Wasit Nature Reserve is home to a diverse ecosystem along coastal dunes, salt flats, ponds, and a large lake located in Al Ramtha area near the suburb of Wasit in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Discover over 200 bird species and eight hides with binoculars, bird watchers love to flock to the wetlands center and explore the small mammals, reptiles, and insects that the reserve hosts, making it an important tourist place for animal lovers visiting Sharjah.

You might also be interested in exploring the fascinating hidden world of the deep sea with its amazing creatures at Sharjah Aquarium.

Get the opportunity to spot the endangered Arabian oryx, the national animal of the UAE, prancing through the harder flats between dunes or eating a meal from the lush vegetation. Though closed on Sunday, this reserve is among the few wildlife centers that stay open until 6:30 pm. Wasit Nature Reserve also provides golf carts for those touring as a group or as a family.

If you’re lucky enough, it is possible to witness the majestic Oryx prancing through the green wet-land in search of food. There are golf carts for families to explore the different parts of the nature reserve in Sharjah.

The Wasit Wetland Reserve Centre Sharjah entrance fee is AED 15 for adults, while children below 12 years of age can enter for free.

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