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Did You Visit the Flag Island?

Sharjah is considered to be one of the patrons of culture, art, and education in the United Arab Emirates. The third-largest emirate, with two coastlines on the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, it is a meeting point for trade, cultural exchange, and commerce.

Sharjah known for its pioneering role in art and culture, it boasts more than 22 museums, heritage sites, and cultural centers.

If you didn't visit the Flag Island, believe you have missed a lot!

Flag Island is a destination where design, fitness, and leisure intersect to offer an unparalleled experience for the public in Sharjah and the UAE. It boasts the UAE Flag on a 123 meter- high pole, which was named the world's 7th tallest during the opening on the 2nd of December 2012. The island stands as a celebration of the union of the UAE through its landmark flagpole.

The lighting of the pole and its surroundings is characterized by a unique design; it features lights all around the circle with a height of 3 meters. 7 mounted lights around the pole placed in 7 GRC stands, representing the seven emirates of the UAE, and lights distributed along the pathway leading to the flag pole with a height of 4.2 meters.

The contemporary café setting with outdoor seating is a great spot for family brunches or relaxing dinners with a varied and delicious menu.

The Flag Island hosts a program of culturally-engaging live shows and concerts as well as Flag Day and National Day celebrations, the amphitheater at The Flag Island accommodates up to 1000 seats with breath-taking views over the city.

You can access the Flag island for free without entry fees and you can park your car easily without any hassle!

Here are some fun facts about the Flag Island that you should be aware of!

§ 1 flag equals to 10 SUVs in weight.

§ 1 flag equals to 12 palm trees in height.

§ 1 flag equals to 15 flags fit inside a football field.

§ 1 flag equals to 68 people standing on top of each other.

§ 1 flag equals to 7 flag poles would stretch across the whole island.

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