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Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island opened in 2015 in Sharjah. It was named the “Best Leisure Architecture in Africa and Arabia” in 2016 by the International Property Awards and was also the recipient of the IF Design Award in 2017 and the German Design Award in 2018.

Every square inch of Al Noor Island has been conceptualized and built to open your mind to a myriad of expressions and experiences. A microcosm of modern vision and Arabic inspirations, the Island offers the best mix of recreation, art, education, and entertainment for the entire family.

Al Noor Island contains many exciting attractions. Whether you are counting butterflies, admiring sculptures, teaming up with your kids in the playground, or soaking in the serenity, it’s always a day well spent at Al Noor Island.

The Butterfly House is the Island’s primary attraction and has been ergonomically designed to let in natural light and retain humidity, creating a safe refuge for butterflies of all shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Creativity finds its space on the Island in bespoke art installations and sculptures. You will be amazed by its natural area and cultural aspects.

The Literature Pavilion in the Island is where readers and writers seek solace from the bustling city life to delve into literature, poetry, and everything to do with the written word. Light background music, the soothing sounds of a fountain, tastefully designed seating areas, and subtle calligraphic reflections create an open platform for the exchange of ideas and literary expressions.

The playground promises endless hours of fun. Built around the natural landscape of the Island and surrounded by abundant trees and plants, it’s where children can enjoy some quality outdoor time in a safe and controlled environment.

The lush landscape of the Island presents an idealized view of nature and complements its architecture in design and diversity. It is a landscape with the perfect harmony between nature and technology. All you have to do is, find your spot.

Bright and cheery with streaming sunlight during the day in Al Noor Café. It is located inside the Butterfly House, offers a healthy selection of delightful snacks and refreshing drinks in a green, spacious, and naturally-lit venue, which is also home to over 500 exotic butterflies.

Explore, discover, and choose your escapade.

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