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Awaken every morning by natural sounds in a green habitat, where the sun rays shine through the Ghaf trees and you likely encounter deers or gazelles while wandering around a genuine neighborhood. A natural villa community that embodies the spirit of Sharjah in every architectural design to create an intimate feeling.

arim - hayyan by alef group


A garden in heaven. Enjoy living in a uniquely crafted natural villa community where you will love living for many years. Arim, a garden in heaven that is right between nature and the future, and the art make life worth celebrating. A calm and serene place to relax and enjoy a peaceful life.

al mamsha sharjah

Al Mamsha Sharjah

Al Mamsha is Sharjah’s new destination and the first fully-walkable community in Sharjah that integrates modern living, retail and leisure into a vibrant urban and tech-savvy environment. Spanning 3 million square feet. Al Mamsha is a destination that combines 3 different zones that are dedicated to buildings that contain a variety of residential units options,

al mamsha raseel by alef group

Al Mamsha Raseel

Raseel is a new aqua living community in the heart of New Sharjah that creates waves of memories and showers of experiences. A place where you can escape the turbulence of life and sink into an aqua experiential living.

al mamsha seerah by alef group

Al Mamsha Seerah

Al Mamsha Seerah provides features that cater to the shift of people’s behavior and lifestyle. It is a new living experience in the heart of new Sharjah that provides residents with a modern lifestyle and exceptional quality of living. Al Mamsha Seerah promotes innovative features by having smart homes in line with the new trends in the present and the future.

al mamsha souks - alef group

Al Mamsha Souks

Al Mamsha Souks was inspired by the architecture of the old souks in the Emirate of Sharjah. It was designed with the latest style according to a sustainable environment that enhances human health and well-being through the use of shaded pedestrian paths that harmonize with architecture designed to provide comfort, safety, and privacy for residents and visitors.

Edge 2

Latest launch in Al Mamsha Souks

Phase 1

SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, RD3, SN4, SN3, RD2, RD4, RD5, SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4

Phase 2

SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4, RD1, RD2, RD4, RD5

Phase 3 and 4

RA1, RA2, RA3, RA4, SN1, SN2, RB1, RB2, RB3, RB4, SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4, RC1, RC2, RC4

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