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Hayyan by Alef Group : Making Homes Human

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مشروع عقاري بـ 3.5 مليار درهم في الشارقة

Hayyan by Alef Group : Making Homes Human

Hayyan is a uniquely crafted, natural villa community, here you’ll love living for many years. A calm and serene place to relax and enjoy a peaceful life. A place where you will encounter an authentic, vibrant community and experience a truly joyful feeling. A special place to call home for years to come.

Hayyan is a rare find in the UAE where you and your loved ones spend time in a tranquil environment, uniquely designed for an immersive experience of nature, culture and society in natural landscapes. Awaken every morning by natural sounds in a green habitat, where the sun rays shine through the Ghaf trees and you likely encounter deers or gazelles while wandering around a genuine villa community, one that embodies the spirit of Sharjah in every architectural design to create an intimate feeling.

World-famous architect, Mariam Masomi created a vibrant place where life is fully expressed. Where you come home to relax, recreate and rejuvenate in a comfortable setting you feel connected to. Designed to complement the desired lifestyle with streets, houses and common areas shaped to benefit an authentic way of life.

Hayyan provides the most genuine living experience, where people connect to nature in a tranquil habitat in Sharjah.

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