Back-To-School 3rd Edition : Building Blocks is now at 06 Mall

Back-To-School 3rd Edition : Building Blocks is now at 06 Mall

Introducing the annual ‘Back-To-School Buidling Blocks’ at 06 Mall, the 3rd edition, Sharjah’s premier lifestyle destination, ushering in the excitement of the upcoming academic year. From August 17th to September 3th, 2023, a delightful array of activities and contests await youngsters, offering them the chance to scoop up fantastic prizes for the school year.

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Stealing the spotlight amidst the festivities is the much-anticipated spelling bee competition, slated for August 20th, 27th, and September 3rd, every Sunday. Each week, 100+ students across varying age groups will be handpicked to engage in the thrilling showdown. Toppling the competition will reap rewards: ipads, insta cameras and lego sets!

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Not stopping at that, 06 Mall is curating captivating pursuits for kids to relish activities such as Calligraphy, Arts and Grafts and Lego building along with also free classes of AI Robotics. There are also featuring shows such as Magic Show, Science Show and a personal meet and greet with Fairy Lady.

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As a pioneer among the next-gen lifestyle retail hubs in the Emirate, 06 Mall boasts a distinctive, contemporary design that appeals to the discerning eye. The atmosphere strikes a harmonious chord between relaxed and refined, creating an inviting space where trendsetters can effortlessly feel right at home.