Alef Group’s Commitment to Emiratization at HCT Career Fair 2023

Alef Group’s Commitment to Emiratization at HCT Career Fair 2023

Alef Group, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to Emiratization by participating in the Higher College of Technology (HCT) Career Fair 2023, held on November 1st, 2023, at the Sharjah Campus – Sports Complex. The event aimed to engage with local Emirati talent in the northern Emirates region and provide immediate opportunities for dynamic individuals to join the Alef Group team. Read on to learn more about Alef Group’s strong Emiratization dedication and the impact of its participation at the career fair.

Alef Engaging with Local Talent:

Alef Group conducted on-the-spot interviews, extending a warm invitation to candidates to join their vibrant and dynamic team. The fair attendees had the opportunity to explore ongoing projects and discover exciting career prospects within the organization.

Alef Emiratization Vision:

In a post-event statement, Alef Group emphasized their commitment to Emiratization and their continuous efforts to connect with local talent. They firmly believe in the potential of the local community and are dedicated to offering opportunities for career growth within the organization aligned with the vision of the Emirate of Sharjah.

Alef Group’s spokesperson stated, “We believe in the wealth of potential in our community and aim to provide a platform for individuals to thrive in their careers. This fair serves as an opportunity for us to meet like-minded counterparts, network, and collaborate to further advance the real estate sector in the region.”

The HCT Career Fair 2023 was themed ‘Go the extra mile towards your future career’ and served as a prominent platform for students and graduates to explore career opportunities with leading organizations. This event received sponsorship from prestigious organizations, including the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sharjah Expo, and the Department of Human Resources – Government of Sharjah.

Alef Group’s active participation in the HCT Career Fair 2023 underscores their dedication to Emiratization and their commitment to nurturing local talent. By offering immediate opportunities for career growth, Alef Group is contributing to the development of the real estate sector in the northern Emirates region. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of advancing Emiratization and creating a brighter future for the local workforce.