Alef Group opens ‘Troops’ Entertainment Centre at 06 Mall

Alef Group opens ‘Troops’ Entertainment Center at 06 Mall

Alef Group, the leading real estate and Retail Company in the Emirate of Sharjah, proudly opens door of ‘Troops’ Entertainment Centre at 06 Mall in Sharjah on February 16th. The fast-paced, action-packed arcade is set to enthrall gamers of all ages with its curated selection of arcade games, virtual reality & bowling for families and friends.

“‘Troops’ is an exceptional addition to 06 Mall, featuring highly in-demand and a diverse range of games in the emirate of Sharjah. For billiards enthusiasts, the Viking pool table awaits your skillful shots and strategic moves. Step into the future with the cutting-edge VR Zone, and an Arcade Area that is a nostalgic haven. We aim to continue focusing on our beloved youth population here in Sharjah, striving to keep creating safe, immersive, and impactful entertainment hubs for youth to congregate at and thrive in.” comments Alef Group.

“Incorporating creative outlets for youth and families has always been a priority for us at Alef Group across all of our projects, in line with our vision to bolster Sharjah’s status as the UAE’s premier lifestyle destination and as part of our Group ethos to promote true community living.” continues Alef Group.

Troops offers a wide range of modern and classic games, spanning from bowling to air hockey to PlayStation, and more. With the capacity to accommodate up to 80 gamers at a time, Troops provides an immersive gaming experience. Among the 11 fan-favorite featured games are Dragon Punch 3, Shining Crane Maxi, Viking Pool Table, Super Kixx Pro, Jurassic Park Pro, and more, ensuring that game enthusiasts can enjoy hours of entertainment.

As a pioneer among the next-gen lifestyle retail hubs in the Emirate, 06 Mall boasts a distinctive, contemporary design that appeals to the discerning eye. The atmosphere strikes a harmonious chord between relaxed and refined, creating an inviting space where trendsetters can effortlessly feel right at home.