Alef Group Commemorates 52nd UAE Union National Day

Alef Group Commemorates 52nd UAE Union National Day

Alef Group commemorated the 52nd National Day of the United Arab Emirates, as part of the nation’s pride in its achievements as a union, which has witnessed continuous excellence, progress, and prosperity.

On Tuesday, Alef Group held a heritage Majlis for its employees, comprising a variety of different foods along with a display of falcons and henna. This took place within the framework of the group’s appreciation of National Day, as part of its commitment towards helping the nation continue to achieve development across various sectors.

Issa Ataya, CEO of Alef Group, extended his best wishes and congratulations to the UAE’s wise leadership and the Emirati people on the 52nd National Day.

He stressed that the acknowledgement of this national milestone is important to reflect back on the 52 years the UAE’s establishment and its successes, with great hope for a prosperous future for generations to come.

He added that the UAE is entering its 52nd year as a union steadily and with a bright vision for its future, establishing a culture of excellence as the epicenter for human progress.